Edith W.
Former Student's Parent

Brittany taught both of my children for over two years, and I couldn’t've asked for a teacher that was more open-hearted, joyful, and curious about kids. Both my kids talk about how much they love her, and they ask about her regularly. As a parent, I always knew I could ask Brittany for her perspective because she would offer such compassionate wisdom. Brittany is great at moving seamlessly from “being on the same level” with a kid while also modeling sturdy leadership for them. My kids feel tremendously seen and safe with Brittany!


Tiffany M.
Former Student's Parent

Brittany is a very compassionate, patient, intelligent woman with amazing attention to detail with absolutely everything she does. She stood out with me when I was searching for a nanny when my son was younger with her ability to communicate and her professionalism. She provides a very clean and safe environment and has always gone the extra distance for all of our needs. Brittany watched my son part time his entire childhood & he still talks about the homemade play dough she taught him how to make and how learning was made to be so fun and exciting with her. She was always so attentive and ready to engage my child with creative art and enriching activities. I continue to recommend Brittany throughout the years. She is one of those people that are truly meant to teach and work with children. She continuously exceeded my expectations in terms of her work ethics and interpersonal skills. We hit gold with her and I know your family will too.


Jamie J.
Former Student's Parent

Brittany made a wonderful impact on our family when she was a teacher at my daughter’s preschool years ago. She is incredibly loving, compassionate, and creative. She’s also protective and insightful and has an easy way about her in bringing kids together, making them feel seen and special and confident. I can’t wait to see her new preschool thrive as she creates more great memories and touches more lives!


xoxoxox The Gearhearts
Former student's parent

Trusting anyone with the social emotional development and wellbeing of your child is a huge step. One that most parents do not take lightly. We have entrusted Teacher Brittany for 3 years and it was hands down one of the BEST PARENTING DECISIONS I have ever made. She has a magical skill to meet kids where they are at, then help them both thrive and laugh. She has the mix of playful joy and safety boundaries down to an artform. She helped our son make games out of transitions. This is nothing short of a miracle. I will forever be grateful to the supportive environment and thoughtful guidance she has given our son. Thank you Teacher Brittany, in our house you are a Superhero!